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Raise awareness about the plight of the Moon Bears farmed for bile by using the Animal Friends Twibb

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As part of their £1million pound Charity Challenge, Animal Friends Insurance ( supports a new campaign launched by Animals Asia and the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA). The campaign is designed to inform tourists and travel agencies in South Korea that are bringing bear bile into the country from China is illegal. To support this Animal Friends has created a brand new TV advert and designed their Moon Bear Twibbon to introduce viewers to the Moon Bear, and their declining numbers.

In some Asian countries, moon bears are kept starved, dehydrated and riddled with ailments in small cages for up to 30 years, and have their bile extracted through catheters, needles and open wounds. The bile is then used as a form of medicine. Animals Asia is working to end the barbaric bear bile trade, which sees more than 14,000 bears kept in cages on farms throughout China and Vietnam.

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