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Not For Sale is working to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery, a crisis affecting more than 30 million people today.

Our mission calls for a new way of thinking. Tens of thousands of trafficked individuals are rescued each year, but it is not enough. Slavery continues to thrive as traffickers devise new ways of exploiting the vulnerable. How do we stop exploitation before it begins?

This summer, Not For Sale is launching a social enterprise, REBBL, that will create job opportunities and social programs in the most vulnerable communities of the world.

REBBL is a beverage company that combines ethically-sourced botanicals and ingredients to create body-balancing drinks that are good for your health, tastebuds, and the individuals that help produce it. But more importantly, REBBL will create job opportunities and help fund our social programs in the most vulnerable communities of the world.

For REBBL to have the biggest impact possible, we need to develop a sustainable infrastructure in these communities. That's why we're raising $150,000, which will help Not For Sale create community farms that will provide ingredients for REBBL as well as sustainable food sources for the communities we work with. It will also help stabilize these regions with education, healthcare and other important programs.

We have until the end of August to raise $150,000 for the Peruvian Amazon.

Now the question is: Do you want to be a part of making history?

-David Batstone
President and Co-Founder, Not For Sale


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