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Senators Tim Kaine (VA), Roger F.Wicker (MS), Bernie Sanders (VT)Johnny Isakson (R - GA)

22 veterans commit suicide everyday -- that's one American life EVERY 65 minutes EVERYDAY until May 29, 2017; Memorial Day, that's one American life EVERYDAY until November 11, 2017; Veterans Day. We pledged our support for ALL Service Members. 

The Soldier that inspired this petition - a decorated Veteran of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a father, husband, son and civilian Police Officer - was diagnosed with combat related Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) in 2008, but has waited more than 2,000 days for access to the Military Medical Treatment that he earned. 

This Soldier's medical treatment records were "altered" to support the initial denial of access to care. After the Soldier's records were corrected and Mental Health Care Practitioners (civilian and military) discovered that the Soldier has been under-treated since 2008, the Soldier requested treatment under the auspices of the Warrior Transition Program. Six months later, the Soldier was denied access to care again. 

National Guardsmen and Reservists are systematically denied access the Health Care and Benefits that they earned. During the redeployment and demobilization processes, little-to-no consideration is given to the type or severity of the illness/injury that was incurred during the Service Member's Active-Duty Service, including Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Even in the wake of record high mortality rates among Reserve Component Soldiers, access to Health Care, Benefits and Standardized Treatment Plans through Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) and Warrior Transition Units is often based on Reserve Component affiliation and rarely the injury. 

Despite current regulatory policy for the standardized management of the health, and readiness of all Service Members, Reserve Component Soldiers are systematically Released From Active-Duty (REFRAD) before their injury/illness is treated and documented in accordance with current DOD Policy. 

We are calling on Sen Gillibrand, Rep Wilson, Asst Secy Lamont, and SGM Byrd to do the following:

- Stop the epidemic of systematic non-treatment and under-treatment of Guardsmen and Reservists. 

- Give equal access to Health Care for National Guardsmen and Reservists In Accordance With (IAW) the current Warrior Transition Consolidated Guidance (Administrative) and AR 600-8-4. e

- Enforce a Medical Assessment Process that ensures equal access to Health Care and standardized treatment in accordance with Warrior Transition Policy and AR 600-8-4 for all Service Members. 



Aundrea Hunt

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