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Please read this short text and give it two moments of your attention before delete it. We need you to put your imagination, inspiration, concentration…and a piece of your heart…at work to help us help more Romanian dogs! PLEASE!

The recent economic crises slowed down or stopped all ROLDA projects. We luckily, against the odds, have a remarkable sponsor at the large shelter: thanks to AMG we are not afraid for tomorrow, not afraid that the 500 dogs will starve or suffer. More, the building work for new paddocks is another reason to be grateful and honored that a large company like AMG continues to be our reliable partner since 2007!

ROLDA activity means more then operating the large shelter. It means running the Adoption Center, where about 80 dogs and pups need food, veterinary care, sterilizations and rehabilitation.

Every dog care costs starts from 30 US$, which represents the basics, adding up veterinary costs, treatments, de-worming, etc.

We are finally able this month, thanks to ROLDA USA grant, to cover the last part of the construction bill at the Adoption Center and pay a portion of the veterinary bill for the free sterilizations done for Galati’ community.

We still owe the veterinary office a considerable amount of money before starting a new spaying campaign in Galati. We aim to sterilize another 100 female dogs as soon as 2000 US$ will be raised.

We wish to open the natural shelter, which will “give back the freedom” to un-adoptable dogs into a secure space. The natural shelter will by a large plot of land/forest, lots of ha/acres where dogs will run and move freely. The facility will be connected to water, electricity. An administrative room for emergencies and food storage as well as a small barn for rescue horses will hopefully be built on the premises.

We also ask our supporters in Western Europe if they can donate/help us raise funds to buy an old farm to transform it into Romanian dogs shelter, from where people can directly adopt or volunteer.

ROLDA must raise funds for the basic veterinary equipment for REX clinic or get the basic items donated: blood analyzer, surgery table, surgery lights, autoclave,etc

We need help to organize throughout the summer, fundraising events all over the World to raise awareness about ROLDA needs and projects. Every idea is greatly appreciated.

Media representatives from all over the World are invited to visit ROLDA and present our work in Romania. In case you work as a media person or have contacts in field, please let us know! In case you are a celebrity or know personally a famous writer, singer, photographer, actor, etc who wants to be part of “United for Romanian Animals” Campaign, please let us also know!

Thank you!

Dana and ROLDA team
Your feedback welcome at [email protected]
Your help is appreciated :donate online by PayPal on and learn about others ways to help!

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