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Channel 9 Television Station, Australia

We call for Channel 9 television station to remove Grant Hackett from their panel of commentators for the London Olympics.

Hackett trashed his family's exclusive apartment last October in a violent rampage.
"I just continued to push over furniture and make a mess," he said.
He could scarcely deny the rampage, since the photos of the trashed apartment were published in the press.
It is reported that he admitted to targeting his wife Candice Alley's most prized possessions during the rampage, during which she called the police.
Candice is a professional musician; the photos of the wrecked apartment show an up-ended grand piano.

Hackett has not yet admitted to or been proven guilty of anything more – any assault to his wife or exposing their two children to domestic violence.
He denied reports he hit his wife or was carrying one of his young twin children during his outburst.
After the rampage, his wife made a statement to the police.
It has been reported that she told police that Hackett threw her across the room "like a rag doll". It has also been reported that he pushed / threw her against a window.
Hackett is a very big man. His wife is tiny by comparison.

Many people don't understand the dynamics of domestic violence. When some of their abusive behaviour comes to light, domestic abusers classically admit to a little of their wrongdoing while denying the rest.
(see Lundy Bancroft's book "Why Does He DO That?" and Patrician Evans's book "The Verbally Abusive Relationship")

Admitting to some of their wrongdoing is a tactic used by abusers to elicit sympathy and belief from bystanders.
Having admitted to some of their wrongdoing, they sound more believable when they deny the rest of their wrongdoing.
Those who know the dynamics of domestic abuse can see right through it. Those who don't, are often conned by abusers.

Given that Hackett admitted to trashing the apartment, it might be reasonable to assume that he made this admission to cover up other misdeeds.
But even on what Hackett has admitted, his conduct is unacceptable.
As journalist David Penberthy has said, "Hackett’s assertion that he did not threaten Alley in any way does not past muster. You do not have to hit someone to threaten them. It is hard to imagine a more threatening scenario, for a woman less than half Hackett’s size, than being holed up in an apartment with this drunken and violent man, as he systematically trashes everything they own. His claim that he did not verbally threaten her is also dubious. ...Domestic violence is not a private issue, it is a public issue."

Penberthy is right. The Victorian Family Violence Protection Act 2008 defines family violence as:– Behaviour by a person towards a family member of that person, if that behaviour is:
physically abusive
sexually abusive
emotionally or psychologically abusive
economically abusive
or in any other way controls or dominates the family member and causes that family member to feel fear for their safety or wellbeing, or the safety and wellbeing of another person
or causes a child to hear or witness or otherwise be exposed to the effects of such behaviour.

It might be reasonable to assume that Channel 9 gave Hackett a prime-time opportunity to minimise his wrongdoing in front of the nation, by interviewing him on their 60 Minutes program (Sunday 24 June 2012).
Channel Nine is not making their full interview with Hackett available online.
Commentators are interpreting this as Channel Nine's attempt to minimise their complicity with Hackett's wrong conduct and wrong attitude.
It would appear that Channel Nine were attempting to resurrect Hackett's reputation so it doesn't tarnish their Olympics commentary.
Maybe they've realised they got it wrong, and are trying to downplay their mistake.

Channel Nine needs to heed the OUTRAGE in the community about their continuing intention to use Hackett as a commentator at the Olympics.
Whether or not Hackett did any more than 'just trash the apartment' is not the point.
It would have been very scary for his family just being present and witnessing or hearing him trashing the apartment.
That in itself would induce great fear.
During the 60 Minutes interview, Hackett is reported to have said, "I'm a big guy, I would have been intimidating and it would have been very upsetting for her."

Inducing fear is the essence of how domestic abuse perpetrators wield power and control in their families.

Institutions like Channel Nine must stop acting as if family violence is 'not a bad' as violence in public.

We call for Channel Nine to drop Hackett from their list of commentators: for the upholding of right standards in the community, and for a warning to all domestic abusers that they should not think they can get away with family violence and still pass themselves off as upright citizens.

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Readers wanting to put more pressure on Channel Nine can contact 60 Minutes Australia:
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Barbara Roberts

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How this will help

Only when society imposes more stern sanctions against domestic abuse, will the rates of domestic abuse diminish.

Grant Hackett shows the marks of a domestic abuser: he trashed his family...

Only when society imposes more stern sanctions against domestic abuse, will the rates of domestic abuse diminish.

Grant Hackett shows the marks of a domestic abuser: he trashed his family residence; he attacked his wife's precious piano, knowing she is a successful musician and the piano meant a lot to her; and his wife and kids fled the family home.
Grant Hackett should not be given the privilege of being a commentator on the Olympics.

Channel 9 needs to stand up for victims of domestic abuse, rather than tacitly condone or minimise the wrong mindset of the perpetrators.

We've had enough of the double-standard of morality which says a man can do harm behind closed doors, but if he hasn't done any harm in public, he's still an acceptable, upright citizen.

Let's stand up and tell Channel 9 that they shouldn't turn a blind eye to family violence and abuse. The upright people in the community will no longer tolerate institutional passivity about of the perpetration of domestic abuse. Neutrality is not neutral. Neutrality serves the interests of the perpetrators.


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