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Promote the ROLDA Natural Shelter project

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How this will help

The "Ticket for Freedom" for unadoptable dogs!

Building prison kennels is not what ROLDA intend for the dogs.
Our goal is to rescue the street dogs, sterilize and rehome them all. Unfortunately there are not only white and black colours in this cruel World in which we are living: street dogs are abused, some aggressive dogs bite innocent people, companies take inhumane methods (killing) if dogs don’t disappear somehow from their property.

On the other hand, street dogs are not all easy adoptable (most of them are, but what about the rest?) some takes years to build confidence, some never trust. How to rescue all, which are the priorities, where to shelter them all?

Some dogs catch from the streets and kept longer in kennels change behavior, some refuse to eat, some became sad and loose hope, waiting to die in prison. There are not solutions to all these in one single approach, this is why ROLDA wants to create facilities to offer more solutions to general strays problems from Romania.
An adoption center to rehabilitate and rehome dogs. A big dogs shelter to humanely solve the strays problem at the steel plant. And now, our new goal is to provide a safe, natural environment to un-adoptable dogs, where they will live free for the rest of their lives.

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