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Work to minimise anti-vaccine propaganda on Facebook.

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

By politely responding to posts that promote anti-vaccine propaganda we can make it clear that those posts will not go unchallenged.

Most people who post material of that sort do not expect to be challenged. If they are repeatedly challenged they will usually stop posting or de-friend the challengers.

By challenging the propaganda you will ensure that the facts are represented in the comments. By discouraging postings you will contribute to, perhaps, thousands fewer people being exposed to damaging misinformation.

I invite you to pledge to respond whenever you see anti-vaccine propaganda and to share this invitation with every rational person you can.

If you see a pro-vaccine post on your timeline, I invite you to share it with your friends.

Together we can discourage the spread of this damaging and dangerous propaganda.

This Cause is affiliated with the Vaccines Save Lives cause, a cause dedicated to promoting awareness of the safety, efficacy and importance of vaccines. You can find it at

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