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Neighborhood Life House Inc. is a 501(c) 3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. Donations are managed by Network for Good.

Every community, no matter its size, has a story.  The story is made up of the people, families, schools, businesses, and events that weave together to tell the world who they are.   Our community is currently one of the poorest, least educated communities in the city of Joplin. For too long the Neighborhood Life House community's story has been one of working families struggling to rise above the poverty line, homes left vacant and in disrepair, businesses moving out to stronger communities, and the horrible impact of generations of substance and domestic abuse. Neighborhood Life House was formed out of a vision that communities are only as strong as the stories that form them. We believe that the stories in our community can be changed from brokenness to strength and that through rewriting these stories, a community's legacy can change. Join us to be a part of bringing life to our community.  Join us and be a part of the story.

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