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Hello fellow slotomania players this little petition is to attempt to get slotomania to increase their special bonus from the current 4 hours to a constant 2 hours. this petition is intended to increase the loyalty of the slotomania players, to get the slotomania players to play playtika's game Slotomania more often, rather than spin your credit away and then move to another facebook game. also this petition is intended to increase the fun factor of the game slotomania and with the increased loyalty reward and playability for us the players, slotomania will notice an increase in people both liking the game, and rating the game 5 stars, as well as a possible increase in players purchasing packages i hope as many will sign this petition as possible as we are all trying to make slotomania an all-round better game, and to see more rewards for loyalty.


Chris Stone

This petition closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

Everyone should sign this petition to hopefully convince slotomania, a change to their special bonus from a 4 hour bonus... to a 2 hour bonus is the best way to get players to play their game more often


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