Sign the Petition to Facebook and its supervision of "Animal Hate Pages"

Dear Facebook:

As an animal protector I am shocked and appalled that the "I Hate Dogs" page is back up. Please remove animal hate pages like your "I Hate Dogs",  the "Cat Recipe Page", or the Wolf Barbecue" pages from Facebook.

Animal hate pages need to be removed and blocked from Facebook. It is a proven fact that people that hate and harm animals eventually hate and harm humans. Children that learn to harm animals proceed to injuring people as well.

These types of animal hate pages are dangerous to the animals, including the human kind.

Facebook please do the right thing and include animals in your "hate protection policies."

This is the page. Judge for yourselves...


Patrick Doyle

If you believe that Facebook needs to remove their "I Hate Dogs" page and needs to better enforce their animal hate pages, then please join our cause.

Please sign if you believe that this page will harm animals and particularly dogs. Please sign this pledge if you believe that animal cruelty leads to human animal cruelty. Please sign if you believe this is just wrong!

Pages like "I Hate Dogs" come and go on Facebook all the time, and Facebook needs to better police them. The "I Hate Dogs" page has supposedly been shut down before but it's back. Let's make sure it (and others like it) go away once and for all time!


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