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Current Bosnian law requires anyone who kills or injures an animal to pay a fine ranging from £12 to £4,150 ($19 to $5000). However, I believe that paying this small fine is not enough for these heinous crimes.

There have been two cases in the past few years of extreme animal cruelty in Bosnia where the criminals have not be held accountable for their actions.

1. Two drunk teens in Bosnia duct taped a firecracker into the mouth of Vucko, a beautiful German Shepard dog. We do not know exactly when this happened, but there is evidence that it did, in fact, happen. This resulted in Vucko's mouth being blown off. Unfortunately, Vucko wandered around for 5 days, unable to eat and his condition worsened. When local authorities finally found him, they took him to a veterinarian's office, however the damage to Vucko was too great and they were forced to euthanize Vucko. The people who did this were never charged or fined.

2. A Bosnian teenage girl was filmed killing new born puppies. She was video taped with a bucket of 6 puppies and she was tossing them into a rushing river. She was later fined, but no other charges were pressed.

Please support this petition, asking the Federal Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, demanding that stricter laws be in place for animal abusers.


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