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How this will help

A healthy food garden revolution has started, but its benefits are only reaching a small fraction of the the population. Together, we can reach a thousand new people if each of us pledges to do one small garden-variety good deed from the list below. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something and it all adds up.

Eight ways you can sow gardens forward this season:
1) Help/mentor a neighbor to start a garden this year
2) Grow an extra row or two for a local food pantry
3) Volunteer at a school or community garden
4) Save and give seeds to someone for replanting next year
5) Open your garden for a tour on World Kitchen Garden Day (August 26th)
6) Join or support a garden cause that resonates with you
7) Become a master gardener
8) (Your own bright idea goes here: share it in the comment section below.)

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