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Dear Friend,

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your past support! You have helped sustain our invaluable Talk Line services, recruit and train new volunteer peer advocates, and expand our work to promote unconditional and judgment-free support for decisions, experiences, and feelings with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption.

As you know, the heart of Backline's work is our toll-free Talk Line, the only national talk line open to callers at any point before, during, or after a pregnancy experience. Two years after our reopening and revitalization, the all-volunteer Talk Line receives more than 225 calls each month from people across the United States and Canada. Every day of the year, Backline volunteers talk to callers all genders, ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds who are weighing their pregnancy options, seeking support as they navigate current pregnancy or parenting challenges, or processing a past experience with abortion, adoption, or pregnancy loss. We also get calls from loved ones - parents, partners, family, and friends - who want to be there for someone in their life, or who need a safe space to talk about their own feelings and concerns.

On one recent shift, our Talk Line advocate took three calls. The first was from a woman seeking an abortion, who needed information and support as she navigated the available funding and referral resources. The second woman was calling about an abortion she'd had a few months before. She expressed sadness that she had to end the pregnancy because she did not have the financial resources to parent, and wondered if "anyone else has made this difficult decision based on money." The third call was from a woman struggling with her ambivalence about parenting and her unexpected desire to end her pregnancy, which had been planned. Married and financially stable, she questioned whether she had the right to consider abortion when she "should" be able to parent. These calls highlight the spectrum of feelings that can come with a pregnancy experience, and the importance of Backline's availability as a safe space where callers can share their honest concerns and feelings, at any point in their process.

We are honored to do this important work, and to have the partnership and support of so many wonderful people, providers and advocates like you. We know that you share this commitment, and ask for your financial support. Backline receives no public funding and very little foundation support for the Talk Line. It is truly the generosity of individuals like you that keeps us going. Please make your donation today to ensure that our important work continues.

With gratitude,

J. Parker Dockray, MSW
Board President

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