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Pray everyday for world peace and to heal the Earth.

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Thoughts and prayer have been proven to be very powerful devises. I have seen it work many times, and it seems that the more people that pray, the more powerful the prayer becomes. Our planet Earth is in trouble. People all over our planet are suffering right now, as we speak because of war and natural disaster. Soon, everyone on this planet will have been affected or know someone who has been affected by what is transpiring. Something has to be done, before it is too late. Along with prayer it would be helpful for everyone to keep their thoughts positive and think fondly of our planet. Stop and smell the roses, see the trees and watch the animals. Appreciate their beauty and thank God, or whoever you worship, for creating this wonderful planet for us. Also thank the Earth for always being their for us and providing EVERYTHING we need to survive. Love this planet and each other.
-Alisha Smith-


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