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Donate my old cell phones

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How this will help

Every cell phone in the world contains a mineral called Coltan. 90% of the earth's Coltan is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). Battles for natural resources like this are in high demand, leaving the DR Congo in bloodshed. Conflict in this country has taken over 6 million lives and is one of the worlds worst humanitarian crisis that continues today, yet receives little or no attention from the media.

YOU can help alleviate the tension in the DR Congo just by recycling your old cell phones. The Coltan in your phone can be reused for other electronics.

Donate your used cell phones to Share Worldwide by calling 562-505-9917.

Remanufacturing one cell phone stops 220 pounds
of waste from being generated.

Reprocessing one empty laser toner cartridge averts 2.5 pounds of solid waste out of landfills.

Recycling one printer cartridge prevents natural
resources, such as oil, from being used to produce a new

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