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Donate to help build a computer lab in rural Costa Rica!

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Have you wondered how your life would be without access to technology? Generation after generation, students of Guaitil Elementary School graduate without knowing how to use a computer and community members of a town of more than 600 people in this rural area currently have no public access to computers, word processing software, or the Internet.

For this reason I joined forces with this community to equip the classroom of an elementary school in rural Costa Rica with 15 computers and accompanying furniture and educate the I.T. leaders of tomorrow.

A Planning Committee comprised of teachers and staff was formed and trained on project design and management by a Peace Corps volunteer to accomplish the following:

(1) Teach students in the local elementary school (which serves two near-by towns) computer skills, word processing, and modern software proficiency; and,
(2) Facilitate the access of community members to digital technologies that will increase their chances of entering the job market as well as the profitability of their currently-existing small businesses (i.e., cooperative, pottery shops, microcredit bank, etc.).

This is our chance to help educate the leaders of tomorrow and the men and women that lack the skills to find jobs and better their small businesses.


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