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Hurricane season officially began June 1st and communites in the U.S. and neighoring countries need to prepare for the threat of storms that often devesate.

Direct Relief’s Hurricane Preparedness program is a million-dollar initiative whereby large quantities of medicines and supplies are pre-positioned at health centers, clinics and hospitals in at-risk areas to treat vulnerable people during emergencies. The pre-positioning of these medical resources is a key component of Direct Relief’s emergency relief efforts and ongoing assistance to partner clinics to facilitate a fast, efficient response when a disaster strikes.

This is year 6 of the program - the only of its kind - and has expanded support this year to cover 50 U.S. sites in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia and South Carolina, and 10 international partners in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, and Nicaragua.

The contents of the prep packs are versatile and can be used for acute care as well as to treat patients with chronic diseases should they become displaced by storms and lose access to their medications or medical care. Each U.S.-bound pack contains enough medicines and supplies to treat 100 patients for three to five days after a hurricane hits. The modules shipped internationally are much larger, containing enough supplies to treat 1,000 people for a month following a disaster.

Each Hurricane Container costs about $25,000. Your donation to our Hurricane Preparedness and Pack program will help make sure a hurricane pack makes it to an area in need, making a huge difference during times of emergency.

In our interactive Hurricane Preparedness Map you can see who is receiving packs and containers: https://maps.directrelief.org/USA/hpp/index.html.

We'll be doing Google+ Q&A Hang Outs so you can ask questions, learn more about preparedness and see how your support makes a difference.

There will be videos and photos to show the process of picking and packing the containers and stories from those who receive them.

You can help us raise money for this important program by donating and helping to spread the word!

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