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Spread awareness about the high veteran unemployment rate

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Eric Smith spent his military career as a specialized Navy Corpsman and was responsible for a 20+ bed intensive care unit. Yet when he left the Navy, Eric struggled to find work as a Certified Nursing Assistant because civilian employers were not able to translate his military experience into an equivalent skill level or certification in the civilian job force.

Eric’s struggle is not uncommon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released stats revealing that the unemployment rate for new veterans has risen to a whopping 12.7%, more than 4% higher than the national average. The gap reveals one of the biggest challenges facing today’s veteran in the civilian job market, where their technical military training doesn’t translate to civilian certification requirements despite their abilities.

Last November, Congress passed the VOW to Hire Heroes Act to address this very problem. And most recently, the President announced a new task force that will help service members get the civilian licenses and certifications they’ll need to find jobs outside of the military. However, the current unemployment numbers for veterans are at a peak, indicating that there is still much to be done to help veterans struggling to find work.

Only when public awareness around veteran unemployment issues grows can we gain an understanding about the value of the skills veterans acquire while serving our country. It’s time to stand together and fight for those who fought for us. By taking the pledge to spread awareness about the veteran unemployment rate with our friends, we can make a powerful statement in support of those who sacrificed for our country. Collectively, our actions will encourage employers to recognize veterans’ strengths during interviews and fairly evaluate the unique skill sets of prospective veteran employees. When the battlefield clears, our pledge will ensure that veterans have the opportunities they deserve.


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