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Governor Rick Scott

I am a grandparent who has no rights to see my beautiful infant granddaughter just because I am a Florida resident. If Florida is so concerned about what is in the best interest of a child, they certainly would realize how vital the love of a grandparent is in the nurturing process.
My son is the father of my newborn granddaughter and has had to file for his paternity and time sharing rights because the mother of my granddaughter has left us no choice despite our efforts to be civil and come to a mutual agreement. She has just shut us out of the baby's life. How is this in the best interest of the child? Family is an integral part of the rearing of our children and the more love and support a child receives, the more likely they are to be emotionally healthy, happy and stable.

It will affect a child even into adulthood who hasn't had a grandparent to love them, support them, teach them and YES even spoil them (at times) as I am, myself, a 56 year old woman who has never had the glory or joy of having a grandmother as both my grandmothers unfortunately passed away when my parents were children themselves. To this day there is still a void in my heart that no one can fill but a grandma.

For these reasons I would like to appeal to ALL to help get a law in Florida passed that will favor Grandparent's Rights.

With Sincere Thanks,
Camille Tomarazzo


Camille Tuzzolino-Tomarazzo

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For the best interest of the children, a law needs to be passed in Florida for Grandparents to have the right to be part of their grandchildren's lives.


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