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Always spay and neuter, always adopt, and never breed.

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

Cats and dogs are facing an overpopulation crisis. If it breaks your heart that 11,000 dogs and cats die in the U.S. every day because there are simply not enough homes for them, then this pledge is for you.

By signing FiXiT’s pledge to fight animal overpopulation you are not only pledging to always spay and neuter your animals, to always adopt, and to never breed, but you are also joining your voice with others to build a movement to end needless euthanasia forever.

GIVEAWAY! To celebrate the movement, we will giveaway FiXiT's Lavish Lint designer “No More Empty Collars” t-shirt to 3 lucky randomly selected pledge signers. Sign the pledge now and enter! Winners will selected and contacted on June 30, 2012.


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