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Support the hundreds of orphaned & displaced orangutans being cared for in rescue centers in Indones

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How this will help

Conversion of orangutan habitat to palm oil plantations is the single greatest threat to the survival of orangutans in the wild because entire forests are being cut down to make way for them. We need to protect the orangutans and educate as many people as possible about the destruction of their habitat.

Help protect and support orangutans by taking the pledge to educate friends about deforestation in Borneo & Sumatra.

Please forward this pledge to friends. With your help, we can give these orangutans a future.

Note: It costs around US $3,000 a year to rescue, rehabilitate and release each orangutan. There are literally hundreds of orphaned and displaced orangutans being cared for in rescue centers supported by Orangutan Outreach.

Thank you for your support! {:(|} {:(|) {;(|} {8(|}


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