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Use sunscreens that don't harm coral reefs.

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How this will help

Coral reefs, often called "rainforests of the sea”, are delicate ecosystems that are affected by the slightest change in chemical balance and water temperature. Many swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers are unaware that the chemical sunscreens they use may be killing coral reefs.

Researchers estimate that 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of sunscreen wash off swimmers annually in oceans worldwide, and that up to 10 percent of coral reefs are threatened by sunscreen-induced bleaching.*

Chemical Sunscreens contain synthetic chemicals which absorb UV rays thereby absorbing radiation. The following ingredients are found in common chemical sunscreens and have been linked to coral bleaching: paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone, and a camphor derivative.

Pledge to use nano-free, mineral sunscreens that don't contain these ingredients to not only protect your health, but also the ocean's ecosystem as well. Protecting your skin from the sun is important, so please consider the following mineral alternatives this summer:

-Jason Natural Cosmetics Sunbrellas Mineral Natural Sunblock
-Aveeno Active Naturals Natural Protection Mineral Block Sunscreen Lotion
-Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen
-Burt's Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen
-Badger SPF 30 for Face & Body


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