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TO: the Federal Government of Canada

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

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REGARDING: The negative treatment and discrimination against Native Women of Canada!

Campaigning for Native Women Canada, Social Justice, Culture, Traditions, Language, Land, Employment, Housing, Health Care, Security, Family Laws, Social Services, Protection, Incentives To Have Children; because so many were murdered in residential school and foster care, Education, and Legal Hereditary Rights for our Children

1) Native women experience Triple Jeopardy Discrimination from the time they are born: being a woman, a woman of color, and living within a lower income.

2) Native women experience racialized sexual violence from media images, news print, education - history, employment, from a partner or spouse, strangers, and within the layers of the Justice System, directly caused from the history of colonization and oppressive domination through the Indian Act. We want dignity, respect, and a voice!

3) Native women in North America are five times more likely than other women of the same age to die as the result of violence according to statistics North America

1. Native Women Need Housing, To live with Warmth, Safety, and Security

2. Native Women Require Proper Health Care, Education, Employment, and Training.

3. Native Women Want a Political Voice in North America; because they are denied basic human rights within the layers of the justice system and society

Native Women of Canada Campaign for a Voice and Immediate Changes and Revisions of Policy and Legislative Acts to remove Racialized Sexual Violence and Discrimination toward Native Women of Canada!!!


Sharon Lewis
Federation of Indigenous Women Canada
Coast Salish Territory

Exercising internal and external Sovereignty Rights under the Creator


Sharon Tslaw'halum

How this will help

Native Women have lived under the longest and most violent Act of Cultural Genocide in the History of the World. Native Women want a Voice across all layers of Policies and Legislation. 


Native Women have lived under the longest and most violent Act of Cultural Genocide in the History of the World. Native Women want a Voice across all layers of Policies and Legislation. 

Remove all Racialized, Sexual Violence and Discrimination in policies around marriage, children, social services, employment, health care, justice, education, land, and laws that hinder and prevent any advancement of Native Women of Canada from one generation to the next. Native Women are the strength of their families! Native Women are the Strength of their Communities! Native Women are the Strength behind the Nation! 
The native culture is alive, native language is alive, native traditions and spirituality are alive!!! Native women are here; native women Survived Rapes, Sterilization Projects, Roman Catholic Sexual Abuse and Violence, Children Apprehended, Survived marginal Access to Services, Family Disruptions, Survived NO Protection or Security on the Domestic Home-front and Legislated POVERTY. 
Native women demand a Voice in Policy and Legislation!! Native Women are Human! The Indian Act is made from a Euro-Colonial View and saturated with racism; social policies that ignore the Human Rights of Native Women of Canada - let us work together and revise it or remove it! 
In respect, 
National and International Supporters,


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