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Are you listening Harper?

TO: HARPER, the Right Hon. Stephen, P.C., B.A., M.A..
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Justice Reform for First Nations Equal Rights; according to Section 67 Canadian Human Rights Act , which specifies that "all individuals" are to be treated equally and without discrimination.

Native Peoples are Inter-Connected
Native Peoples are A Society
Native Peoples have Strong Social Protocols (laws we abide by)
Native Peoples have Strong Family Ties
Native Peoples have Environmental and Spiritual Laws
Native Peoples have a Strong Societal Structure
Native Peoples back yard is all of North America
Native Peoples have Rights
Native Peoples have a Language
Native Peoples have a strong Spirituality
Native Peoples have a strong Economic Structure which is abused by Corporations and outside Politics
Native Peoples have communities and political gatherings
Native Peoples know all the Medicines of North America; Indigenous Medicines which are stolen by Pharmaceutical Companies and Marketed, Sold and Making Billions of Dollars each year.
Native Peoples are Teachers for the Next Generation

Colonization of Native Peoples must become eliminated in Canada - Equal Agreements to Eliminate Poverty in Native Communities - Native Peoples have the Right to Food

RECONCILIATION - means coming to terms with the past; Justice Reform 2012 Equal Agreements without Discrimination - Remove Legislated Poverty of Native Peoples of Canada

All living things are inter-connected; we need each other for survival

Sharon Lewis
Federation of Indigenous Women Canada
Exercising internal and external Sovereignty Rights under the Creator; Cowichan Tribes Coast Salish Territory
Phone: (450) 218-4096


Sharon Jimmy-Swustesia

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How this will help

Because its time to resolve cultural differences in Canada and work toward a stronger nation, without racism and discrimination.

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