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Famed wolf biologist, Dr. Gordon Haber, had pleaded with life-long trapper, Coke Wallace, to leave the wolves of Denali Park, and the Grant Creek Pack, alone; the famous wolves were the focus of Dr. Haber's study. But spite-filled, egotistical wolf trapper, Coke Wallace, ignored Dr. Haber's pleas, and a few years back, he trapped one of the Denali wolves, strapped the wolf on his truck and deliberately drove by Dr. Haber's camp to flaunt his brute power over 'reason'. Not too long after that incident, Dr. Haber's plane crashed, and the good doctor, and fierce protector of wolves was killed.
Fast forward to current times - Coke Wallace decides to shoot his faithful horse of 27 years and use the horse for wolf bait, again just outside the border of Denali Park.
Sadistic trapper Wallace, cavalierly sets his snare traps just outside of the border of Denali Park. Lured by the scent of horse remains, Wallace gets his two trapped wolves.
One of the trapped, and slowly strangled wolves, happened to be the PREGNANT ALPHA FEMALE OF THE HISTORIC AND FAMOUS GRANT CREEK PACK OF DENALI !!! This wolf pack's ancestry dates back to the 1940s in Denali Park, and the descendant wolves are still using the same den from the 1940s!! The same den of the ancestors.
As you know, only the alpha male and female mate.....she was killed and there are no more breeding females in this world famous pack, celebrated by hundreds of thousands of tourists around the world. There will be no pups this year....and when there are no pups, a pack often disperses and is lost for all time.
There used to be a 'buffer zone' around Denali Park, but in 2010 trappers won their fight to abolish the buffer zone. Alaska seems to value trappers and hunters, even over their tourists, who bring in considerable revenue to see the wolves.
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