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Bob Kerridge & NZ Government

Hi, We need help to stop BSL in New Zealand. Pit Bulls and their hapless lookalikes are being destroyed everyday and too many are dying.

Bob Kerridge Executive Director of the Auckland SPCA, is
regularly quoted in the media and shown in person on TV in
prime time telling our public that “All Pit Bulls are Born Bad” and
advising people not to take them into their homes.

He succeeded in 2003 outlawing four breeds of dog:  American
pit bull terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Brazilian Filas and Japanese Tosas.
Those already here must be muzzled on the street and kept behind fences
at home. This horrible propaganda campaign is costing countless innocent
dogs their lives as too many SPCAs up and down the country refuse to
take them or re-home them, the pounds usually kill them and people are
scared to adopt them.

The American Pit Bull Terrier Association Inc and SPCA Watch (NZ) have
started this petition requesting that Bob Kerridge explain why his
opinion is wrong. If he can’t explain then he should admit that he is
wrong, publicly apologise and resign.

We will also be asking the New Zealand Government 'Why NZ is so far behind in scientific knowledge and best practice' while
more than 97% of law-making jurisdictions in the U.S. have opted to
remain breed neutral with behaviour based policies.

Please sign and share this petition not just for our dogs here in NZ
but for dogs of ‘the type’ everywhere that suffer and die while such profound ignorance and unfounded bigotry persists.

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This petition closed about 2 months ago

How this will help

BSL is irrational and cruel because it targets dogs for their appearance not their behaviour.


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