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Bob Shimek, Wolf Advocate and Tribal Elder of the White Earth Tribe commented on Good Wolf cause:
"Treaties with Tribes may very well be the last single largest environmental tool available to all of us. Not just the Tribes, not the U.S. government, all of us. We all own the treaties. If you are a U.S. citizen, you have ownership in these treaties. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the treaties are the Supreme Law of the land. Without them, much of the U.S. could not legally exist. It is up to all of us to make sure all parties to the treaties are obeying the law. Here in the Great Lakes region, we are engaging ion the fight for our survival. Our creation story tells us that our fate and destiny is tied to that of the wolf. What happens to one shall happen to the other. Research of U.S. and states wolf and Indian policy supports this claim. The states of Minnesota and Wisconsin have recently passed wolf hunting and trapping laws. It is our belief that killing and disrupting the social order of our wolf packs will disrupt those of us who subscribe to our Anishinaabe beleif and value system. During a time when much of America grew and prospered, it was at the expense of Indians and Wolves, and much more. Tribes and Indigenous Peoples of the Great Lakes region are now taking a stand to protect wolves, and the destiny we share. Numerous Tribes and Bands in Minnesota and Wisconsin have stepped forward and declared no wolf hunting and trapping on their Reservations. Some have also declared no wolf hunting in lands ceded to the U.S. but where tribes retain hunting, fishing, and gathering rights. Can we stop the wolf hunt state wide? No. But we can stop the hunt where Tribes have jurisdiction. There is much to do. Between the Tribes, National parks, wilderness areas, and some statre parks, we hope to began securing a safe homeland for our wolf brother and many other of our realtives. Our hope is that a courageous few will step forward and assist in this effort. There is much to do."
"Letting our Native Americans know that we are behind them and the wolves...."

Bob Shimek commented on Causes.
It's good to hear from others who might be willing to help with our fight to protect our w9olf brother here in MN and WI. Much has been done, but much more waiting in the wings. The wolf hunt here in MN had absolutely nothing to do with wolves. It has everything to do with a trophy hunt. MN Deer Hunters Association is encouraging members to start baiting wolves to their game cams now so by fall hunt they will know what types of baits work best. They also encourage members to share the baiting info with others. To use anything other than white tail deer as bait only encourages further conflict with wolves by habituating them to foods othere than deer. Much to do.
Bob Shimek
Good Wolf: "Help for wolves, all wildlife, and the environment may very well come from our Native American treaties".
Bob Shimek, Wolf Advocate and Tribal Member of the White Earth Tribe: "We have way too many people in our communities needing some type of guidance with this problem


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