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Regularly check my body for unusual lumps or marks and go to the doctor for professional screenings

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How this will help

Rachel Morrissey was putting on her make-up one day when she noticed a mole was darker than normal. Not thinking much of it, she finished her mascara and forgot all about it. It wasn’t till three years later that she noticed a small tumor near her ear. She finally went to see a doctor. “Three hours (after my biopsy) the doctor called me and said, ‘this is really serious. We need to perform surgery.’”

Rachel had been diagnosed with melanoma.

The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that one in five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. As you read this, 13 million citizens are living with some form of non-melanoma skin cancer, plus nearly 800,000 with melanoma (the most dangerous type).

Thankfully, all forms of skin cancer are treatable when caught in its early stages by the trained eye of a medical professional. That’s why we ask that during National Skin Awareness Month you check your own body for any irregular bumps or marks - raised moles, discolored blemishes, hardened shapes under the skin - and even treat your skin to a check-up with your doctor.

Rachel is now in remission, but others may not be so fortunate. Take the pledge to check yourself or get checked. It just might save your life.

See the Mayo Clinic's website for information on symptoms, causes and prevention of melanoma and other skin cancers:


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