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Governor Mitt Romney

Dear Governor Romney:

I am one of the millions of people living in America who are concerned about bullying.

While news of your behavior in high school concerns me deeply, the real issue is the pain and torment that countless students across the country face every day because of bullying. I am signing this letter today not to ask you to apologize further for what happened in high school. I’m asking you to look forward.

I’m asking you to tell us what you would do as President to help end the public health crisis that is bullying in this country, and in particular bullying targeted at people who are different. People like your gay classmate who dyed his hair and suffered for it.

Nearly 9 out of 10 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students are harassed at school each year because of their sexual orientation. This has to stop.

Anti-LGBT bullying and all forms of bullying are wrong. I know it and I hope you will send a clear message that you know it, too.

We need federal leadership to help us end this crisis, and we need to know that you will be a partner in bipartisan efforts like the Safe Schools Improvement Act and Student Non-Discrimination Act to make our schools safe and equal for all.

I ask you to send a message that, if elected President, you will help us end bullying once and for all.


Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

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Apology for High School Assault on Gay Classmate INADEQUATE


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