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Tell Georgia Legislators, "Discrimimination? NOT IN MY GEORGIA!"

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How this will help

1. Print out flyers to pass out and post wherever you are allowed (coffee shops, colleges, churches, workplace, community bulletin boards around town) Flyers are available at:

2. Follow the Plague of Letters Project:
Letter to Georgia Assembly is available at:

Step 1. Read the Letter.

Step 2. If you agree, print it out and write at least "I second this motion." and then sign your name after my salutation. Just please remain respectful.

Step 3. Look up your legislator's contact information at Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Office of the Governor 203 State Capitol Atlanta, GA 30334
Fax:(404)657-7332 and mail them each a copy of your letter.

Step 4. Like​LoveUnderFire to be kept abreast of developments within the campaign and invite your friends.

Step 5. Find 3 people living in Georgia to copy steps 1-5:
A. Make list of 10 people in Georgia who you think might agree, with phone numbers.
B. Contact them and secure their support:
*1st Call them: In phone call, here is a simple guideline to your conversation. "What is your opinion on marriage equality? (If for): I am lending my support to a campaign that is working to abolish the 1st amendment of the Georgia Constitution banning marriage equality throughout the state becuase it is based on discrimination and inequality which I feel is morally wrong. I'm going to need your help which simply involves you reading a letter, signing it and resending it to members of the State government and then finding others who agree to do the same to get their attention. Can I count on your support? It costs nothing. (wait for answer) I'm going to send you an e-mail of instructions and I'll follow up with you on it in a week."
*then text them "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Stand up for Love at​LoveUnderFire, forward this to 3 people if you are still looking for love or want to hold on to the one you have."
*Then fbook message link (​LoveUnderFire), then e-mail them these instructions.
C. Confirm Support: Have them e-mail you when they have followed steps 1-5. When you have 3 return e-mails, you have done your job, Thank you so much for your support!

5. You could do all of the above. And when you do let me know. I will personally make certain you are recognized for your efforts.

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