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Find a home for Harap Alb

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help - He received the name Harap-Alb – a name of a prince because he’s beautiful, docile and a fighter. He had, like many other dogs, the bad luck to be abandoned in the street where he was trying to survive and to live a hard life day after day but as it was not enough, a car ran him over without mercy. Lying inert on the highway, with his mouth full of little stones from the road, he was found and taken to a vet clinic. The verdict was terrible: spine and pelvis fractures. He suffered two very hard surgeries but Harap-Alb went well through them and now he’s succeeding to walk in three legs but the forth one he cannot put it on the ground yet.

Now he’s at the clinic but it will be closed soon and Harap-Alb will have no chance if he’ll be back on the streets. That is why we kindly ask everyone for help hoping that someone will give him a chance, a chance to a normal life, so he’ll have at least from now on love and happiness.

We kindly ask you to publish Harap-Alb’s story in as many places possible, to speak about him with your friends and acquaintances, to send this message further so that together to give him this chance. We thank you!


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