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Sign the Petition to Arabian countries across the Persian Gulf

Why Persian Gulf?
1.Used in most of the maps from long time ago so there is no need to change the name.
2. It has been and will always remain the Persian Gulf
Used by United Nations in their documents
3.It's a historical name
4.On almost all maps printed before 1960, and in most modern international treaties, documents and maps, this body of water is known as the "Persian Gulf".
Arabian gulf means the Red Sea so the "Arabian gulf" name may create confusion with the Red sea so it's better to use the name "Persian gulf"
5.If the Arabian Gulf gets it's name from the fact that more Arab countries are surrounding it, then India Ocean should also change its name because India has a smaller border with it than other countries.


Sohrab Gh

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How this will help
we need to let Google understand how many are supporting the name Persian gulf over their mapping decisions.


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