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Help track flu near me! (and to help support breast cancer)

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How this will help

Help the CDC track FLU NEAR YOU! (and help us fundraise for cancer research with every flu symptom report!)

'Flu Near You' is sponsored by the American Public Health Association and Children's Hospital Boston.

What can you do on Flu Near You?

Complete quick surveys to advance our collective understanding of the flu
See flu activity in your area at the regional or state level
Explore flu trends around the world with Google Flu trends
Use the Flu Vaccine Finder to find nearby locations offering flu shots or nasal spray flu vaccine
Connect to local public health links
Receive customized email disease alerts at your location
Learn more about flu news, information, and resources at
Explore the RSS feed on updates on nearby flu outbreaks and related flu news
Browse the Disease Daily to discover summaries of important outbreaks and expanded coverage through the Outbreaks 101 news section

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