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Nothing hurts a mother more than seeing her child suffer and not being able to provide relief. Every day, close to 1,000 pregnant and new moms and more than 8,000 infants younger than a month old will die, just like they do every single day. The sad fact is more than 7 million children die each year from almost entirely preventable causes. Sometimes it’s from lack of access to proper health care in the first hours, days or weeks of life. Sometimes it’s lack of access to vaccines, or proper sanitation. Sometimes it’s a simple lack of nutrition. But when a mother loses the battle for her child’s life, the reasons give way to grief.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Simple, cost-effective solutions exist to eradicate preventable child death in our lifetime. Solutions like insecticide-treated mosquito nets that prevent malaria and save half a million children’s lives per year. Or low cost vaccines that would prevent 4 million deaths in the next five years. CARE works hard to bring these and other solutions to the mothers that need them.

Spread CARE’s message to mothers and families everywhere by sharing this video. With your help, we can help children live to see their 5th birthday.


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