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Stand up Against Puppy Mills.

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We consider our pets a part of our family. We go to great lengths to provide them with everything they need unfortunately there is another group of dogs who are hidden away in Barns, Sheds, Garage's, Back yard's all over the United States.  Unfortunately, their only purpose is to Mass Produce puppies for the Multi- Million dollar Pet Trade. Their puppies will be sold thru Pet Shop's, Online Websites, Flea Markets, News paper Ads, Parking lots, on the side of the road, etc. No one will ever know these dogs existed.  Puppy Mills can be small or very large scale.These dogs will live a life of neglect, suffering, and pain. They will never lay on a couch, fetch a bone or simply go for a walk. They are kept out of sight away from the people who will buy their puppies. The Pet Trade is driven by greed and greed only. These places continue to exist because so many people keep buying  puppies. People justify and turn a blind eye to the truth of where the puppy comes from. Laws are very weak and there is little or no protection. They are simply voiceless. When you choose to buy a puppy from a Back yard breeder, Pet Shop or Online you are contributing to the cycle of abuse. The only way for these places to go away is to end the demand. America please take the pledge to Stand up Against Puppy Mills and Backyard breeders.


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