Pledge to

Investigate two nursing homes this week..

This pledge closed about 3 years ago

How this will help

Force yourself to go and see what your end of life experience will be.. Young,  middle aged,  elderly .   Go see how you will be treated ..  You might have to sneak in the facility because they do not want you to know..  Remember your family in the majority of the cases will have forgotten about you so you are investigating your own future here.  Take some pictures and videos if possible and I will post them for the world to see..  Go with a friend,  go with a family member, go by yourself..   Educate yourself..   Send me your photos and videos..  In Many state approved nursing homes elderly patients shit themselves, and lay in the bed for hours without being changed. .   Go to an average extended care facility where Medicaid is accepted ..  Then go to one in the projects because this is where they will transfer you when the money and or insurance runs out..   At the end of life in America most citizens have lost their home due to hospital bills...   Take the pledge to see where you or your loved ones,  and others will spend your end of life dreams...  No phone by the bed,  no call buttons in an emergency...   Staff can't be found..  Maybe 1 Nurse for 500 patients.   Now check the internet,  do some research, and you will see how many legal problems they have....Poor records citations means that anything could be happening...   There's No proof !  Medicine skipped , medicine not given...   Most patients don't even realize they are being abused..  Neglect is the worse problem.   Where are the investigators?   Where are the health inspectors?   The names of these individuals are , "out to lunch" , and "out to dinner".


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