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Show my Facebook friends that I support a great cause that could save lives.

This pledge closed 7 months ago

How this will help

About 1.4 million people die each month from Cardiovascular disease. Through social networking, we can reduce this tragedy.

(See the 2011 World Health Organization Report on Global Deaths )

When you take this pledge ....

PLEASE go one step further - invite your Facebook friends to join this Heart Awareness Cause by clicking "INVITE FRIENDS".

You could potentially save lives - it may be one of theirs!

Remember to SHARE it via the TWITTER & FACEBOOK buttons.

You may wonder what your FB friends will think when they get your invitation - rest assured, their opinion of you will rise - because you have the courage to take action to make a difference in people's lives.

The people whose lives will be saved through Heart Awareness thank you.


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