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Sign the petition to STOP the needless slaughter of the beautiful creature....the wolf.

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We would like to bring a stop the senseless slaughter of our beautiful brothers and sisters in the wolf family. They are so much like humans and their loyalty and love, pride and integrity is one we as humans should learn from. They are being slaughter in the spring season where their young are just coming to the world and it is killing not only the mother, but future generations to come. We need to STOP with the 'permission' and monetary gain of these so-called men who will , apparently, do anything for a buck and 'sport'. They are not even humane about it. The clubbing, trapping, whipping, cutting, etc. is TERRIBLE. Is THIS what we want our children to see in the future> Our grandchildren. Are we going to be in history books because we were stupid enough to waste what nature has given us? How would you answer that question of a child? How do we expect our children to explain it to THEIR children?


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