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Dare to Be Aware ! As Bikers We Need to Ride Responsibly. Take Control & Look For Drivers !

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Duncan Chapman Thank You For your insight.
We agree whole heartedly with many of you that have written or posted . To Many Motorcycle Awareness Groups Are Solely Blaming Car Drivers. Well, all of us bikers, brothers and sisters, also drive cars. That is why "Look For Bikers Lets Not Meet By Accident" takes the Proactive approach and tries to make everyone aware. We must all share the road! Blaming the so called "cage driver" which is derogatory in itself puts a bad taste in the car drivers mouth. So, I don't blame them when the good drivers are stereotyped into this group. Bikers do not like to be stereotyped. Do not be a hypocrite. We know we both need to work together and not all accidents/deaths are caused solely by car drivers and it is stupid to assume that and make those accusations.
Our Motto:
"Dare To Be Aware ~ As A Biker We Need To Look For Trouble.©"
As Bikers we need to be Proactive and Look For Trouble!
If Drivers' excuse themselves by saying "I Did Not See You” Then we must always be looking for trouble and it comes in all sizes and shapes.
So May We All Ride Safe and In Peace:
May The Devil Ride One Step Behind You And The Angels Ride Above You To Guide You!
LH&R, Bikers Perspective


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