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Please share this and do the survey, Anita is working with Craig (Autismhangout) and Dr. Tony Attwood on this project, thank-you in adv. Dear friends on the autism spectrum, fellow Aspies, families and ANCA members:

I am supporting my friend Anita Lesko and fellow author of 14 in "Different Not Less" in her current project. Please take the time to watch and listen to her message in the video link and then click on her website link to click the survey under the full photograph of Anita with Dr. Tony Attwood and Craig Evans (Autism Hangout). below is an introductory quote from Anita which demonstrates, why I feel this project of hers is a valuable contribution to our community and very important that we all contribute. I have already completed the survey.

" While there are millions of people with Asperger's syndrome, many do not realize they have it. Instead they struggle through life with serious social and emotional issues never understanding why. They feel like outcasts and never really fit in. Often their marriages suffer, and they encounter issues in the workplace. For many born with Asperger's, life is far from a blessing." ~ Anita Lesko

Video Message from Anita Lesko about this porject

Anita Lesko website is click link to complete the survey

Thank-you for taking the time to watch the video message and to complete this survey.

Leonora Gregory-Collura
President - Naturally Autistic ANCA organizations
1 of 14 authors for "Different Not Less" by Dr. Temple Grandin


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