Sign the Petition to For-profit colleges seeking to profit from the GI Bill

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In 2009, for-profit schools took in almost as much GI Bill money as not-for-profit schools, though they enrolled only a third as many veterans.

Some of these schools have taken outright advantage of vets just to get to GI Bill funds. An investigation by the Government Accountability Office found that these schools oftentimes engaged in ‘deceptive and questionable marketing practices.’ There have been instances where schools have pocketed the GI Bill funds after a student had been recalled to active duty, or in which schools took out loans for a student, after the student was told that their GI Bill funds would cover tuition.

For-profit colleges seek to attract veterans because GI Bill funds are not technically considered federal student aid money. Under current laws, a school can derive a max of 90% of its income from federal student loan money. Since the GI Bill funds don’t count toward this 90%, a for-profit school can collect these funds and then continue to profit from federal grant money.

A for-profit school has an incentive to turn a profit for investors -- a motivation that has spurred a $7.57 million dollar lobbying campaign for policies favorable to the industry, and business practices like employing ‘lead gen’ tactics to market to veterans through misleading websites.

For-profit schools should cease and condemn misleading recruiting tactics whose aim is just to profit from GI Bill funds. Men and women who have served our country deserve the best shot at a successful post-service civilian life -- that includes an affordable education at an honest institution with the vet’s best interests at heart.


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