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To adreass the Canadian federal government and each of the 13 Provincial premiers and each of the fi

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Hallo and Good day. Lets´s make our voice heard. The petition is to run long term and gain power. In the meantime. We need to make our voie heard in Canadian polital scene. My proposed action. Google about.comcanada online then click on about canada online-most popular articles the step three you click on Write to the leader of the Cosrvative party of Canada-email This puts you on Stephen Harper´s page then go to more contact information and click on write to your provincial premeir contact of political party leaders this will give you the list of 13 provincial premeirs go back one step and click on contact federal party leaders this gives you five major political parties. ACTION is to take any or all of the following steps. Write,Phone or E-Mail the Prime Minister Stephen Harper do the same for each individual provincial premeir 13 of them do the same for each major party 5 of them. Then join the Sierra legal defence fund you can google them through wilipedia and join them through cause´s This will make us heard take your time and Thank you all very much have a great day!


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