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The petition is directed to the Canadian Federal government and each individual Provincial government

We reguest from The Canadian Federal Government and each individual Provincial Governmet that Wolves in Canada be protected (no bounty to be paid for killing them) There are to be protected areas with buffer zones as well as control of hunting methods such as there is to be no use of poisons or traps as this endangers the public and kills innocent animals no use of helicopters snowmobiles ATV´s and trucks to run down and shoot at animals. This causes unnesessary suffering off animals and endangers the public through iresponsible use of firearms. We want the goverment to realize that wolves are tourist dollars and that man needs to learn from there intricate family structure also wolve contribute to healthy herds of Deer,Moose,Elk,Caribou They are part of a healthy functioning ecosystem. To be protcted for our children and future generations


Henry Krauss

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Our goal is to create and gain protecion of wolves in Canada as well as to gain control over hunting methods. To protect the public and innocent animals


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