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Try and help Logan and stop animal abuse!

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He was such a beautiful husky before one day out of the blue.. minding his own business in his own kennel.. he hears someone approach... he loves everyone so he goes to the fence ( f.y.i. Logan is blind) .... trusting whoever was there... only to have acid thrown/sprayed into his face... WHY? We are all asking the same thing. Especially his owners... his parents the people who love him dearly... Matt Falk and his wife! ... Please help us however you can. I know this broke Matt and his wifes heart... I have had two huskies of my own ..... both passed away from natural causes.. but no matter ... Matt still has Logan thank God! But.. we need to stop sick individuals who do things like this or worse to innocent animals... Do whatever you can to help. Make your voice heard in Lansing.. before the Bill dies! Bill # 5403~ ... email, call, write.. do whatever you can! Start petitions! Make your voices heard!!!


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