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NOT SUPPORT Petstores that sell puppies!

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How this will help

Does your local pet store sell dogs?
Are they for sale or for adoption?
If a store sells puppies, don't buy anything there!
Learn why it matters and what you can do to be a responsible dog owner.

Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Refusing to buy a dog from a pet store is a crucial first step. But we’re also asking all pet owners not to buy anything in stores that sell puppies! No kibble, no kitty litter, no toys—nothing! By purchasing anything from a store that sells puppies, you are unwittingly supporting the puppy mill industry.

Please take the pledge not to shop for anything at pet stores that sell puppies, and please use the social media tools on the site to spread the word to friends and family!
It’s time to put an end to puppy mills.

Watch video #2, and read about why this pledge is important.


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