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Do three things this year to help senior animals

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

1. Make a craft item that a no-kill rescue can use in a silent auction and ask them to use the proceeds to help senior animals find homes.
2. Foster a senior animal
3. Volunteer to walk senior dogs at your local shelter
4. Cross-post senior animals needing homes to your family and friends
5. Go to your local shelter and give a senior dog a bath - they'll show better to potential adopters
6.Promote causes that advocate for senior animals
7. Volunteer at adoption events that feature senior animals
8. Make a flyer featuring a senior animals from your local shelter and ask a large pizza chain to post it on the pizzas they deliver for one evening
9. Go online and research medical and other issues related to seniors then send to shelters and rescues
10. Raise money for senior related needs; orthopedic beds, Kuranda beds, medications, supplements, and donate to rescues who house seniors


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