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Professor Abdul Hadi al-Khawaja human rights hunger strike began on February 8, strike still ongoing

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Abdul-Hadi al-Khawaja sentenced unjustly and also said that false reports about torture in prisons and the death does not have a theme, as the subject matter of expression guaranteed by international laws and norms.
It is reported that the health situation extremely dangerous and death is imminent it .. At that crisis is a threat of human rights and national very negative and his death is a crime of governance that is an unforgivabl ..

Death stared with his life:
Bahrain will remain in the slides .. Even government responds to the demands of the people, there is no solution in mobilizing armies to silence the voice of the people who will not shut up unless satisfactory solution ..

Response of government and achieve the people's demands but does not need pressure from his allies instead of Alastrutegin statements that encouraged ..
This solution, however, the whole cause of reasons, not reliance on the other .. It is beyond the patience of this people and Msaberh ..


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