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President Barack Obama

On behalf of tens of millions of Americans who are horrified by the federal government's ongoing war on medical marijuana patients and their caregivers, we ask that you end this cruel and misguided policy of raiding medical marijuana establishments.

On April 2, 2012, federal agents led by the DEA conducted a raid on Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, which has been in business legally under California state law since 2007. This is just the latest attack on medical marijuana by the Federal government, which astonishingly has conducted more raids of this kind than it did under George W. Bush's administration.

Voters and elected officials in sixteen states and the District of Columbia have said loud and clear that medical marijuana should be legal, yet the Department of Justice still refuses to allow well-regulated and professional dispensaries to continue to reliably provide medical marijuana to people who need it.

Please live up to the promise you made when you were a candidate in 2007 and end these heartless raids.


Students for Sensible Drug Policy

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Join us in asking the President to finally put an end to the government's war on medical marijuana.


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