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24 horses die each week at racetracks around the country and incidents of injury or death in horse racing are rising. Horses are illegally doped with stimulants like cocaine, cobra venom, Viagra, cancer drugs, and chemicals meant to bulk up cattle and pigs for slaughter to make them run through injuries and race faster. Both horses and jockeys are at risk from these practices. Numbed to the pain, an alarmingly high number of horses are literally running until their legs break - an injury that means death in horse racing. As a result, jockeys have been injured, or even killed in some cases due to unsafe conditions.

The Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB) is a national investigative agency in the horse racing industry that can investigate and expose these cruel practices. Currently, those who partake in the illegal practice of doping are getting away with it - they aren’t being fined or suspended and owners generally hold onto their winnings. The state commissions are in charge of enforcing rules against the excessive use of painkillers and other performance enhancing drugs, but unfortunately, horse tracks and trainers aren’t complying. If the TRPB exposes the wrongdoing happening under their purview, state commissions will be incentivized to hold trainers and race tracks to better standards of compliance.


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