Sign the Petition to City of Palo Alto Mayor, Vice Mayor, City Manager, and Council Members

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Palo Alto may close its shelter and low-cost spay-neuter clinic on East Bayshore Road.

Help us save the shelter and low-cost spay-neuter clinic.

Contact Mayor Yeh and all the City Council members and ask them to keep this vital service open.

The animal shelter CANNOT close!

Outsourcing animal control means reduced care for our community's animals and enormous inconvenience for pet owners. Residents of Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills would be referred to Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA). SVACA will not accept surrendered pets—they refer surrenders to a facility in Milpitas. Residents would have to drive all the way to Santa Clara to look for lost pets.

Closure would mean the loss of the excellent low-cost spay-neuter clinic, which serves not only the contracted communities, but also others such as East Palo Alto whose residents desperately need close-by animal services.

Closure will result in more unaltered animals, more unwanted puppies and kittens, more suffering.

Please contact the Palo Alto City Council members and tell them "No! Do not shut down the shelter!"


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